Вакансии студии "Видеоинструмент"
Немного истории "Видеоинструмент"
Студия "Видеоинструмент" создана в 2011 году на базе крупного действующего интернет-магазина детских товаров. Изначально студия создавалась как структурное подразделение магазина, что бы повышать продажи в магазине.

Первый успех студии появился сразу же. Количество просмотров на видеоканалах которые вела студия превысило 100 тысяч в сутки.

Студия оказалась более успешна чем магазин, хотя бизнес-модель студии постоянно менялась. В дальнейшем студия полностью отделилась от магазина и стала свой опыт в повышении продаж в интернет-торговле предлагать другим клиентам.

Подробнее по итогам нашей работы, как мы начинали и как стали успешным проектом читайте в журнале "Секрет Фирмы" издательства "Коммесант: Коммесант.ру
Our values
New day — new opportunities
Every new day is a subject to be proud of what you've done and a new opportunity to learn something new. We are always hungry to new achievements.
Push the boundaries
We develop our clients program and manage new offices all over the world with a view to maintain our clients worldwide.
Employees care
We care of material and moral side of each employee. Every person is an active and a key player in a bank working system. We care of our members to feel themselves at ease and being supported.
Maintain the reputation
We are fans of what we create and we aim to do everything with a maximum effective output. We keep high standard and develop perfect service and products.
Our benefits
Work with great team
Respectable salary and meaningful equity
Flexible system of holidays and mode of working
Healthcare benefits and wellness programs
Fully stocked kitchen, daily meals and weekly happy hours
Modern and comfortable office area with at the city centre.
We aim to bring a new model of good banking standard and work for best present and future.
Christoffer Munz, Head HR
We aim to bring a new model of good banking standard and work for best present and future.
Christoffer Munz, Head HR
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HR Information Systems Assistant
Full stack | 5 working days | From $1700
  • Hold a minimum of a Master's degree in Computer Science.
  • Have a minimum of five years' experience as a Functional, Business or Systems Analyst.
  • Strong analytical and organizational skills.
  • Good sense of accuracy, be proactive in implementing control and verification activities.
  • Working experience in a similar financial multilateral institution would be an advantage.
  • Provide technical support and lead the technical enhancement of the system.
  • Test and monitor the application system and processes.
  • Provide clear and concise user guides for non-technical end users.
  • Provide user support and training the end users.
  • Analyze customer problem statements and processes, and identifying solutions.
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